Pond and Water Garden Sludge Removers

Formulated for the removal of organic bottom solids and pond sludge that are slow to degrade. Use sludge removers to accelerate the biological digestion of organic solids in your pond. Especially helpful in ponds that have a rock or gravel bottoms.

Microbe-Lift Sludge Away is a special blend of bacteria specifically designed to remove sludge. It works 80% faster than competitive products and includes 100% natural active ingredients. Helps improve pond clarity. Rapid and natural muck/sludge removal works faster at warm water temperatures. but is effective at any temperature year round.
Application: 1 oz per 100 gallons of pond water every week until sludge is eliminated. As a maintenance treat monthly.

SludgeAway Quart
32 oz. Microbe-Lift Sludge Away
Treats 500 gallons for 6 weeks

Sludge away gallon
128 oz Microbe-Lift Sludge Away
Treats 2500 gallons for 5 weeks

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EasyPro Slude Remover Bacteria Dry Formula contains a proven blend of enzyme producing pond bacteria which naturally reduces odor causing, decomposing organic debris and muck. This product also contains barley straw powder which helps keep pond water clean. Packaged in water soluble packets that simply dissolve in the water for easy application in water gardens and koi ponds. This unique formulation is produced using a “no mess” water soluble packet, which immediately begins to dissolve upon contact with water. Reduces toxic ammonia and nitrite. Reduces problem causing nitrate and phosphate. Reduces murky water caused by organic waste. sReduces organic bottom sludge (muck). Reduces odors.
Application: 1 packet per 1000 gallons

12 count dray sludge remover
Sludge Remover Bacteria 12 Packets
Treats 12000 gallons

24 count bacteria
SludgeRemover Bacteria 24 Packets
Treats 24000 Gallons

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