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Pump Accessories

EasyPro Pump Protectors protect against plugging by creating a large surface area around the pump. Designed to fit all brands of small pumps. Has a polyester filter media pad inside of a nylon mesh bag. Draw string top with push button release keep the top closed around the pump yest makes for easy pump removal.

PP8 - Pump Protetctor
8" diameter with 1" thick sidewalls
For pumps up to 6" diameter
Max flow 1250 GPH

PP12 - Pump Protector
12" diameter with 2" thick sidewalls
For pumps up to 8" diameter
Max flow 2550 GPH

Submersible Pump Screens
Use these Handy intake screens with any submersible pump when pumping water from a lake, pond, river or tank. These sturdy build screens will protect pumps from sticks, weeds, fish and other large debris. Heavy duty 1/2" x 1" epoxy coated, galvanized, mesh screen. Screens can be used vertically or horizontally. Drawstring top allows for easy pump removal/inspection and will draw up tight to any pipe from 1.5" to 4" in diameter

SPS12 -Pump Screen
12" diameter x 14" tall

SPS20 - Pump Screen
20" diameter x 18" tall

High Volume Centrifugal Pump Intake Filters

For high volume pumping applications, these heavy duty pump intake screens are the answer. These filters allow fine particle through so the screens will not plug up as often yet will still keep out large objects such as sticks, fish and weeds. Epoxy coated heavy duty guage galvanized wire, will not rust or corrode. Mesh size is 1/2" x 1". Includes PVC swing check valve to keep pumps primed.

PIF2 - Intake Filter
2" pipe size  Max Flow 5400 GPH
Screen Size 18" Long x 11" Diameter

PIF3 - Intake Filter
3" pipe size   Max Flow 13,500 GPH
Screen Size 30" Long x 11" Diameter

Filter Stand

Universal design that holds all types of screens off the bottom of ponds. Used to reduce the cleaning and maintenance of submersible pumps or intake screens on shore mounted pumps by keeping them up off the bottom. Great for irrigation systems where plugging is a problem.

FILS - Filter Stand
Universal Filter Stand