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EPDM Liner Repair & Splice Supplies

6" cover tape 6" Wide Single Sided Cover Tape
Sticky on 1 side
6SST 6" Cover Tape $2.10 per Linear ft.
3" seam tape

3" Wide Double Sided Splicing Tape
Sticky on both sides

3DST25 3" x 25' double sided tape $23.00
3DST100 3" x 100' double sided tape $81.00


Lap Sealant

Lap Sealant Caulk 11 oz tube
Must Ship Ground

LapSeal 11 oz tube Lap Seal $5.50



Tape Primer
Highly recommended to improve adhesion of tape
Must Ship Ground

Primer2oz 2 oz bottle primer $5.00
PrimerQt 1 quart primer $19.50
PrimerGal 1 gallon primer $28.50

Firestone Quickprime

Firestone QuickPrime Plus 3 Gallon Primer
Cleans and primes EPDM prior to seam applications
Hazmat must ship ground

QuickPrime 3 Gallon Firestone Quick Prime Plus $145.50


Latex bonding

Latex Bonding Adhesive
For attaching to wood

Latex1 1 gallon latex bonding adhesive $43.50
Neoprene bonding

Neoprene Bonding Adhesive
For wood, metal or concrete
Hazmat (additional fees apply)

Neoprene1 1 gallon neoprene bonding adhesive $33.00
Wooden seam roller

Seam Roller
Helps secure 2 sheets of membrane together after applying tape

seamroller Wooden Seam Roller $4.25
Universal Pipe Boot

Universal Pipe Boot
Fits 1"-6.875" O.D. pipes
Seals around pipe penetrations. Tape is laminated to flange for easy application. Clamp is included.

UnivBoot EPDM Pipe Boot $40.00

Firestone EPDM Patch Kit
Includes: 2 patches, primer, seam roller, gloves & cleaning pads

Patchkit Firestone Liner Patch Kit $15.00
Repair Patch

EPDM Pond Liner Repair Patch
For repairing small cuts or punctures in epdm pond liner. Adhesive backing

Patch 6" x 6" Liner Repair Patch $5.00
Scrubber Pad

Cleaning Pads
4" x 6" pads for cleaning pondliner prior to seaming or patching.

CLNPD 10 pk. cleaning pads $6.00

Polyethylene Liner Splice and Repair Supplies

H50 Repair Tape H50 Repair Tape
4" x 50' single sided repair tape. Adhesive backing
For repair or splice of polyethylene liners
H50 4" x 50' H50 tape $95.00
Polyethylene pipe boot Polyethylene Boot Kit
Tape on boot kit includes, tape, instructions and clamp. You will specify the O.D. of your pipe in the shopping cart.
BTLBoot1-6 Polyethylene Pipe boot kit for pipes with O.D. of 1"-6" $95.00
BTLBoot7-12 Polyethylene Pipe boot kit for pipes with O.D. of 7"-12" $127.50
BTLBoot13-24 Polyethylene Pipe boot kit for pipes with O.D. of 13"-24" $191.25
BTLBoot25 Polyethylene Pipe boot kit for pipes with O.D. of 25" or greater Call For Price Call to order


PVC Liner Splice and Repair

HH66 vinyl cement


HH-66 vinyl Cement
When properly applied, tests show HH-66 provides a super-strong, waterproof and flexible bond. Reversible gel - KEEP FROM FREEZING. Use in well ventilated area. Apply one coat to each surface. Application should be made bonding coated surface to coated surface using roller pressure to mate the surfaces. As with all products, HH-66 should be field tested on specimens of substrate under actual working conditions to guarantee the development of maximum bond values. Must ship ground

HH66 1 Pint Vinyl Cement 15.00



Black Waterfall Foam
Used to fill in cracks between rocks in order to prevent water from being "lost" over the waterfall. Improves water flow visually and the black color hides foam in the shadows of the rocks. Minimal expanding foam has better density for better control and less waste. Cans have a patented trigger system with allows for multiple uses for up to two weeks. Trigger will dispense foam in any position. Use of carbon black for color rather than dye helps reduce fading. 18 month shelf life.

BWFN 20 oz can hand held foam 22.00



Black Silicone

Black Silicone Sealant
Ideal for all types of uses when a water tight seal is needed. Great for attaching face plates to skimmers and stone lips to filterfalls. Solin in a 2.8 ounce squeeze tube for easy application. No caulk gun needed.


SBN28 2.8 oz tube black silicone 7.00



Waterfall Install kit

Waterfall Installation Kit
A combination of the most common items needed to install ponds and waterfalls. Includes 1 can black foam, 1 tube black silicone, one can glue, one can primer and one 6" diameter patch. WIK2 has two tubes of silicone and a larger size can of glue for installing larger ponds.

WIK Waterfall Install Kit 65.00
WIK2 Large Waterfall Install Kit 75.00



Schedule 40 PVC Fittings

Male Adapters
ID Description Price Secure Shopping Cart
MA436-015 1-1/2" MPT x 1-1/2" Slip 4.00
MA436-020 2" MPT x 2" Slip 4.25
MA436-213 1-1/2" MPT x 2" slip 8.00
MA436-030 3" MPT x 3" Slip 9.00
Slip x slip union
ID Description Price Secure Shopping Cart
MA457-015 1-1/2" slip x 1-1/2" Slip 24.00
MA457-020 2" slip x 2" slip 30.00
Swing Check Valves
ID Description Price Secure Shopping Cart
FC1520-12 1-1/4" slip x 1-1/4" slip 28.00
FC1520-15 1.5" slip x 1.5" slip 30.00
FC1520-20 2" slip x 2" slip 45.00
FC1520-30 3" slip x 3" slip 75.00
Ball Valve
Ball Valves
ID Description Price Secure Shopping Cart
MAEBV-1500 1.5" slip x 1.5" slip 35.00
MAEBV-2000 2" slip x 2" slip 45.00
PVC Gate Valves
ID Size Max. PSI Price Secure Shopping Cart
GV15 1.5" 50 18.00
GV20 2" 40 24.00
GV30 3" 20 42.00
GV40 4" 18 150.00
Hydrostatic Pressure Relief Valves are used to release air trapped under liners. Valves come with matching bulkhead fittings. These valves will keep liners from floating up when air or water are trapped underneath.
ID Size Price Secure Shopping Cart
HRV-112 1.5" 45.00
HRV-200 2" 50.00
Bulkhead fittings Heavy Duty Threaded Bulkhead Fittings feature a friction washer beween the nut and the liner for more positive sealing.
ID Size Hole Size Price  
BF50N 1/2" 1.5" 15.00
BF75N 3/4" 1.5" 15.00
BF100N 1" 2-1/4" 18.00
BF125N 1.25" 2-1/4" 19.00
BF150N 1.5" 3" 22.00
BF200N 2" 3" 26.00
BF300N 3" 4-5/8" 56.00
BF400N 4" 5-3/4" 162.00

Water Fill Valves 

BFS is a box style fill valve. This durable fill valve is ideal since the float is contained inside the valve box. No chance of damaging the unit when lifting pumps in or out of skimmer. Includes fitting to connect to 1/2" viny tubing. Measures 7-1/2" long x 3" wide x 4" high. Fits in small or large skimmer. Delivers up to 245 GPH at a mx of 55 PSI. Recommended water pressure is 35 PSI.
BFS Box style fill valve 45.00
WFS37 1/2" economy brass fill valve. Ideal for use in many different applications. Adjustable valve rod to fit your requirements. Includes fittings to connect to irrigation tubing. Overall length is 8". Max flow rate id 16 gpm at 35 PSI.
WFS37 1/2" Economy Brass Fill Valve 50.00
WFS50 - 1/2" brass fill valve for maintaining water levels in many different applications. Includes fittings to connect to irrigation tubing. Heavy duty brass body. Valve rod can be adjusted to fit your exact requirements. Overall length is 12-1/2". Max flow is 17.5 gpm at 35 PSI. May require inline pressure regulator if water pressure is too high.
WFS50 1/2" Brass Fill Valve 75.00
WFS100 1" brass fill valve is ideal for use in skimmers, vaults and water fill boxes for maintaining water levels. Heavy duty brass body. The valve rod can be adjusted to fit your requirements. Overall length is 17". Max Flow rate 65 gpm at 35 PSI. May require inline pressure regulator to keep water pressures below recommended limits.
WFS100 1" Brass Fill Valve $100.00

WFS150N is a 1-1/2" brass fill valve that is ideal for maintaining water levels in many different applications. Heady duty brass body and brass rods are superior to normal plastic fill valves. Valve rod/arm can be adjusted to fit your requirements. 19-1/2" over all length. Max flow rate 129 gpm at 35 PSI. May require inline pressure regulator to keep pressures below recommended limits.
WFS150N 1.5" Brass Fill Valve $220.00
Water Fill Box is a good way to mount a water fill valve in a pond without a skimmer. Ideal for auto fills inside ponds, formal pools or vanishing waterfalls. Designed to house the WFS37 or WFS50 fill valves. 1/2" bulkhead fitting included. Sits inside the liners and holds fill valves up to 13" long. 1" overflow bulkhead is included for exact water heights.
WFB Water Fill Box 75.00